Product availability varies by country. Consult your bioMérieux representative.

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Solutions for CLIA-moderate settings.

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This Changes Everything—Introducing the 
faster, smaller, and smarter 

*Investigational use only. Currently under FDA review. Not available for sale.

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Where: Theater 6

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel*:

In about an hour, detect 14 of the most common bacterial, viral, and fungal causes of central nervous system infections with one 0.2 mL sample of cerebrospinal fluid.

11:30 - 12:15 pm


This centralized data management web portal gives users total insights and analytics into BIOFIRE® System performance, utilization, pathogen surveillance, and workflow management.

BIOFIRE® Syndromic Trends (TREND):

Access pathogen trends for your facility, as well as regional and national pathogen trends. Get automatic weekly email reports and explore your data using BIOFIRE TREND’s online dashboard. For use with the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® TORCH and BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® 2.0 systems.

Insights at Your Fingertips.

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Visit booth #1303 to see the faster, smaller, and smarter BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® System.*


Solutions for CLIA-waived settings.

The SPOTFIRE Respiratory Solution brings the power of PCR testing to point-of-care settings. Identify the most probable respiratory pathogens, including influenza, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, and SARS-CoV-2—all in one easy-to-use test, with results in about 15 minutes.

BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory Solution

BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory (R) Panel
1 PCR test. 15 targets.  ~15 minutes.

BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory (R) Panel Mini
1 PCR test. 5 targets.     ~15 minutes.

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Syndromic infectious disease diagnostics support fast, optimal treatment decisions.

BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Gastrointesintal (GI) Panel*:

Identify 22 of the most common pathogens associated with infectious gastroenteritis, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites, with results available in about an hour.

Based on patient symptoms and sample type, users can choose to run either a Respiratory test (15 targets) or a Sore Throat test (15 targets). 

±Under FDA review. Seeking CLIA waiver. Subject to change. Not available for sale in the United States. 

Product availability varies by country. Consult your bioMérieux representative.  

BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® Respiratory/Sore Throat (R/ST) Panel± 

1 PCR test. 2 uses. ~15 minutes.